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Commissions are open, kind of. Just depends on what you want, kind of busy with cons coming up but I will see what I can do. Email me at



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I love to take photos, make crafts and to cosplay. I love My Little Pony, Popples, BJD's, cats, and anything cute. I love attending cons and dressing up in costume (cosplay) year round.
So my fiancé wanted to drive to Burlingame for BabsCon, and wanted to rent a car, which we would have saved money if we flew (by 100 or so) but he didn't trust the airlines with our merch. So we rented a Jeep midsize SUV and drove down. We left at about 630-7ish, little traffic in Seattle and then hit more in Portland. Had a little fender bender. Pulled over, turns out if t...he Direct TV guy reported it he would get fired so they just kind of agreed to not file it and say it happened when he was parked. It was just a little dent and our front seemed fine. At first I wasn't even sure what had happened. Alex was tired and I told him I could drive just gotta pull over but he decided he would be fine until we got to Tigard's Joann (cuz I didn't bring my stuffing for the plushies I was making along the way) so I was looking down sewing when it happened. He nodded off a little. I was like did we hit him? He wasn't too sure either and since he wasn't stopping we had no clue. Luckily we were going so slow and he had his foot near the break, it could have been worse. They guy did stop and got out and Alex said lets get off the freeway. It really blows that he could get fired for something that wasn't even his fault for that. So I drove the rest of Oregon. It also rained the whole time until we got 1/2hour past the Cali border. The car didn't have a cd player so we had only Kylie to listen to on the iPod, I love her but listening to her 15hours straight was a bit much. The car hurt my back too. So uncomfortable, I don't think I'll ever buy a new car if this is the way they are designing them.

We got in around 10-1030ish. and after unloading the only option I had for food was room service, ok 15bucks for a sandwich is fine...turns out it was 26! and Alex tipped them...and it was so not worth it, it was ok food but I wanted to send it back but knew I had to eat it cuz I needed it. It took me 3hours of work to pay for that crappy sandwich! SO UPSET! Oh and there was only one elevator area and our room was on the complete opposite side of it! and it was a big hotel. so the walk was annoying! I barely slept, thank goodness I brought my mp3 player to listen to my sleepy time mediation music cuz if not I don't think I would have gotten any sleep.

Also turned out the hotel doubled booked where the vendors where going to be and the group breakfast meeting wouldn't move! So we couldn't get in the room til 1130 which then got pushed to 1215 and then they wanted us to set up in an hour or two! So I didn't have a good breakfast and with having to setup so fast and then the rush of crowds I didn't get a meal til it was dinner time (5ish). They let us keep the hall open til 8 to try and make up for the hours lost in the morning (which I think still hurt my sales).

I have done so well at pony cons in Washington that I had high hopes for this con and a goal. But it turns out bronies in Cali are cheap or broke and don't realize the work that goes into plushies and custom figures. So I didn't reach my goal...only made it half way.

Luckily there were some people from out of town so they bought stuff (farthest person I talked to was from the UK and someone from Canada bought my big talking Derpy plush). I was kinda shocked that my steampunk ponies didn't sell that well. I also felt bad that my friend who vended there too didn't do well and had to undersell her awesome life size plushies.

Saturday I decided to enter the costume contest. It started at 215, so I thought that is when it started but nope they did prejudging at that time, which was poorly done, it took an hour and 15m...meanwhile attendees have been waiting in line for it to start since 145! They also just let any one join. Which I guess there description should have been better (like you have to have made your costume), but too many people just wore normal clothes and bought ears or bought the costume (there was just a handful that I know made their costume) so that was super duper annoying! So two hours wasted just to get an honorable mention for sewing. Thank goodness the two that did win deserved it! They really had no clue what they were doing, I could have run it better! and omg next time SAY YOU HAVE TO HAVE MADE YOUR COSTUME!!! not all of it but like at least 40% or more. Buying pieces or wearing street clothes with ears isn't a costume! I was really disappointed in the lack of cosplayers.

Sunday I decided to get Ashleigh Balls signature (she voices Rainbow Dash, who is the best pony, and Applejack). I didn't realize they would only have one time for autographs that day and so I was late in getting in line. and after two hours I just made the cutoff, thank goodness. I skipped breakfast and paid for the autograph and picture! I also found out if I wanted a picture with her I would have to spend 10more bucks...which really upset me but fuck after waiting that long I decided I might as well since the is the first pony con she has been to. So I spent 30bucks, which meant I had to work 3.5hrs for it....

I know it was it's first year con but ohmygosh they just did everything so poorly. So many issues!

Last day I got very sick. That area of Cali just doesn't agree with me. I was just so done with it. I don't think I will return to Cali for a con again. I barely slept that night (like 2hours of sleep maybe) cuz I was sick and just depressed how much this weekend sucked. How much I missed out on Sakura and seeing friends and shopping for anime goods, it felt so odd to miss it, I've been going for 13years! and now I'm even more sad since the next anime con isn't until September and well that con is going down hill fast.

The best part of the weekend was getting to see our friend Chanin! and getting to go to an Elephant Bar, which has amazing yummy food! Which makes me really wish there was one here!

The trip back was a little better on the way back. We stopped at a lot of McDonalds for pony toys! and I almost have a complete set! just need a Luna!

I am thankful I made enough to help with bills but not enough to help pay for master class I want to take. I just hope that Everfree in July can make up for it (another pony con here in Seattle, which I really wished this con would have been like, so I'm glad I'm from here, the bronies here are cooler).

Returned the car today and they didn't notice anything about the bumper :)

************I will be posting NEW PICTURES SOON! I will have new MERCH on my Etsy store! I will be opening commissions SOON!!!***********

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Saw some of your work at BABSCon, so cute!
bluepaws21 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
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Heyy, i'm doing a giveaway - here's a link if you're interested :D…

its my first time doing one and I have no idea how I can get people involved :/
cityoffog Apr 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the Fav!
Bellechan Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch!!
Neko Emoji-15 (Blush) [V1] 
Atelier-Cynamon Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconduckinloveplz:Thank you for the faves:iconduckinloveplz:
:iconrollingcloudplz::iconking-shy:Have a nice week!:iconking-shy::iconrollingcloudplz:
Akitozz6 Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the +watch :3
AntimonyAngel Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for faving Lady Amalthea <3
bluepaws21 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
NP :) it's very very love.
NathanStoddard Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so girly, but your neat (^_^)b
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